Arché journal

Boston University’s journal of undergraduate philosophy, Arché, is now out. You can visit their website and download a pdf here. My painting 21st Century Schizoid Man is featured on the cover! Recognize the face? Click here to view the original painting.

Here’s an excerpt of the letter from the editors:

“This issue of Arché carries special significance, as it is a product of the work of last year’s editorial staff in cooperation with this year’s — a dialogue among the old and the new, with seasoned perspectives and fresh eyes coming together to produce an outstanding issue. We hope that the message of this journal, and of the papers herein, will remind its readers that no man is an island, and that we must come together and share our opinions in order to do something truly great.”

Bradley Manning project

As an artist and concerned US citizen, I’ve been closely following and documenting the case of alleged Wikileaks whistleblower Bradley Manning. This computer application (built in Processing) is a work in progress featuring clips of an interview with Michael Ratner and courtroom sketches I produced while attending Bradley’s hearings in Ft. Meade.

download app for Mac OSX, Win, Linux, images only, code only

Thank you to David House for making this possible, to Michael Ratner for giving me his two cents, to Clark Stoeckley for kindly sharing his colored pencils in court, and of course, to Bradley Manning. If you are not familiar with Bradley Manning, please visit the Bradley Manning Support Network.

Donate to Bradley Manning’s Defense Fund here.

No Sleep For The Wicked

Here is my latest sketch in Processing, thank you to Brandon Lopez for providing bass and Nick Neuburg for percussion.To download app for OS X click here, Linux click here, Windows click here, and code, click here.
If  the apps aren’t working right on your computer, let me know so I can fix any issues. Next project: a wall of singing heads and a rather annoying bench collaborative piece with Kevin Klein…

TV Dinner Dance

Here is the link for the program for your Arduino or other microprocessor, photo resistor into A2, and here is the link for Processing, as an application for Mac OS X. Click on the dial to start the sound. This is sort of a precursor to a much larger and involved piece … minus the turkey and celebrity cameo… and music. Anyway, if you do not have a microprocessor and photo resistor handy at the moment and you just want to see the gif I slaved over with its accompanying music, clickity click this image.


Lesson 6 “ecosystem” project, poke around and click stuff, turn up your volume yadda yadda
it works fine in my browser but it may take a minute to load… 

Kitchen Band

For my final project I realized I needed sound I do not have, so I called up a couple friends who are very talented musicians and interested in doing collaborative work with me. The kitchen has the best acoustics in my apartment, so it became a makeshift studio. I’m excited to start working with this new material!

kitchen band

kitchen band

Quality of Experience

Here’s a short clip of Steven Wilson, a musical artist-audio-engineer/wizard/something-or-other whose work I’ve always really respected and enjoyed. He’s talking about download culture and quality of experience, and he is much more articulate than this groggy blogger was in class.

I recommend his documentary Insurgentes. From the website: Insurgentes is a musical road movie that follows the making of the solo record of the same name, and is a portrait of an increasingly rare artist who works with music and media out of love and not for fame and fortune, persisting in making art on his own terms in a world where ‘throw-away’ mentality is increasingly becoming the norm.  Here’s a music video for your viewing pleasure:

and PS: Here is my shameless promoting of a musician whose live shows are really incredible and worth checking out. While he’s perhaps best known for being the founder/frontman of Porcupine Tree, his solo albums are just as amazing and he is CURRENTLY ON TOUR promoting a new solo album and will be at the Berklee Performance Center on Nov. 13! Tickets are still on sale, and he’s not in the United States every day, so… SHAMELESS PROMOTING. I just want to share good honest music, yah know?

That 1 Guy

I wonder if I could make something with the arduino that can generate sound by thwacking it like that… I don’t have the time or resources (or musical knowledge) to make something that elaborate, but you know, utilizing ‘the 4 steps to completion’ from last class, I could scale it and maybe have a pipe and a stick or something…? Mike Silverman (That 1 Guy) made this instrument himself. He can plug in a boot he altered into an amp, put it under his arm, and play it like some crazy drum… thing, and he’s made a bow-like thing that sounds like a theremin and the whole instrument also shoots out fog!

Beatbox the second

Beatbox 2 is now online, click here to view the applet.

Beatbox the first

Here is Beatbox the first, download the Mac OS X app here. The app does work, I have tried it on a couple different computers, HOWEVER, because of the size of the sound file it does take a minute or two to load. It will seem like it’s not working, then, BOP it works, so just be patient. It’s not a trick, I promise.